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Garnet Silk

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GARNET SILK a Reggae Music Super Star. Was one of the most powerful and influencial Jamaican artist since Bob Marley! like Bob! Garnet Music lives on! He had numerous hit songs under his belt. He was the 1st Jamaican Artist to have 5 number 1 singles on the Jamaican top 10 list. Hearing Garnet’s voice for the first time; you’d say, yes indeed! This is the birth of a superstar, and so said, so done, his very 1st single was a hit, number one in the first week. His quality music was recieved & accepted by the entire world. With a voice like Garnet Silk and the beautifully Orchestration of his Music, Garnet leaves you at all times asking for more! “Why does this man have me begging?” I guess his music is just peircing too deep in my heart. “This Garnet Silk and Friends” live concerts! Alongside: Sanchez, Wayne Wonder, Tony Rebel, Jack Radicks and others! This is his last apperance! you are in for a total treat!

REGGAE Garnet Silk & Friends